Sharing the wealth

Can you imagine if Australia’s mines were owned by the Federal Government and NOT privately owned by uber rich people like Gina Reinhart. What comes out of the ground belongs to the people of this country.

If these mines were Government owned and run, can you imagine how fat the national wallet would be. Hospitals and schools would want for nothing. Childcare would be free for everyone. Homeless people would be taken care of. Government run nursing homes would be A grade. Our elderly NEED that care at that time of their life.  Farmers would be helped financially. Especially during drought. Our farmers feed the nation and they have to be looked after, or we all suffer. Environmental programs could be financed, more Police could be trained, more money could be put into stopping illegal drug and gun trafficking. Drug programs could be financed to help get people off drugs ( for good ). There could be a task force for animal cruelty. The list is endless.

No more foreign ownership of our farms, businesses, large land properties etc. We need to take ownership of OUR country back.  People on benefits would be paid according to living standards appropriate for today’s cost of living. They shouldn’t be looked down upon as if they are the scourge of the nation. There will always be unemployed people. They contribute to the economy by spending their money in local businesses.  They don’t get enough money to save, as they need to spend what they get to live. Therefore, adding to the profit of Australian business owners. It’s a win win. I think so anyway.

Maybe if the mines were Government owned and run, then maybe the public wouldn’t be so angry at the perks our Politicians get as we would be a wealthier nation and could afford to give them their perks without money being taken away from other places where it would be more beneficial, like Hospitals and Education.

I know it’s only a dream of mine, but I wish everything I’ve said would happen.